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Connected Teaching is the primary goal of the CONNIE® Model (Connecting Objectives with Neurons through Novelty and Innovation in Education). The model is a comprehensive staff development instructional plan developed to address six specific questions about teaching. Each question identifies a specific focus for each of the six modules of the model. Teachers are guided to develop thematic hands-on lessons that link the wonders of science, social studies, mathematics and fine arts with the natural curiosity and imagination of children and real-life experiences.


C & M Education Consultants Charities are committed to making a positive difference in the academic achievement of children by helping teachers implement brain-based learning strategies and collaborative environments for all children.


To eliminate achievement gaps for all children.


“One of the major changes I have made in my teaching with the CONNIE Model is the way I deliver instruction. Every subject area and workstation is based on science. My students learn to work independently and at the same time build team work.” - Sulema Burns, Kindergarten Teacher

“I had two children at Halpin Early Childhood Center. First, I noticed their authentic interest in connecting school learning with activities at home. It’s amazing to observe the wealth of information my children are exposed to every week. Second, I noticed how the information stays with them for a long time. For example, my youngest child explained in simple terms how the conifers reproduce through spores. I never thought a child could grasp these concepts. It is a please to step into a classroom and find all students engaged – talking, listening, reading, writing, and producing in a meaningful and beautifully organized manner.” - Leslie Gauna, Parent

“Learning is our business and the CONNIE Model is the backbone of our learning. With science as the “hub” and the driving force of the learning wheel, the CONNIE Model has created an exciting and challenging learning environment at our school. Step into our classrooms and observe enthusiastic teaching and learning in progress as it should occur in all classrooms in all grade levels throughout the nation.” – Patricia Thomas, Principal